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Since Street Dogs Vet AZ is a new service, the testimonials here are from Dr. Hershey's veterinary practice at Integrative Veterinary Oncology (IVO). We will update the comments as time passes.

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"Dr Hershey and staff are amazing. I'm incredibly thankful for them. I especially loved that we were given choices about what would work best for our family and budget!!!"
J. Starkey

"Exceptional Dr, staff and treatment. There is no other place I would take my "babies" when the "C-word" is at stake. Dr Hershey and her staff are so compassionate and loving. Simply the best!!!"
S. Scott

"Caring staff. Exceptional compassionate care. Highly recommended."
T. Duque

"Over and over again, your care for animals is exceptional. We will never be able to thank you enough for all you do."
J. Rubin


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